Sedona Art Glass Jewelry

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Handmade dichroic fused glass jewelry by Sedona Arizona glass artist Laura Albert
Each piece is truly unique, inspired by the beautiful color patterns of Nature becoming vibrant with light.

Welcome to Sedona Art Glass by Laura Albert
We hope you will enjoy your visit and get inspired by the beautiful and unique pieces of hand created art glass jewelry.
Each one takes birth with colorful multiple pieces of iridescent dichroic glass that are fused at high temperature
inside a kiln and then slowly cooled from high heat to form a beautiful wearable piece of art glass jewelry.
Laura Albert glass creations can be seen displayed for sale at several local Sedona Art Galleries.

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Original Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Creations
(Click on images on link to access the line)

Free shipping on orders over $50.00
$5.00 for all other orders.

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Please e-mail Laura for availability E-Mail
For mail and check order please go to the
Order Page

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Also visit our retail locations located in
Sedona Arizona and Village of Oak Creek.

Art mart of Sedona         Village Gallery        Sedona Trading Post

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Dichroic Glass Pendants set in
sterling Silver with Semi-precious stones

Original Dichroic Glass

Original Dichroic Glass Pendants
Dichroic Pendant set 
in Sterling Silver

Dichroic Glass Bracelets
set in sterling Silver

Dichroic Glass Pins

Dichroic Earrings


Semi-Precious Stone Pendants

Dichroic Glass Necklaces

Art Plates & Art Glass

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